112 SW Jefferson Ave.
Peoria, IL  61602


Squeaky Feet & Chalk Dinosaur

Saturday, December 09
Doors 9pm // Show 10pm
$10 Entry

Squeaky Feet:

Squeaky Feet is an electrifying band guided by the infinite potential of musical improvisation.  The sonic diversity attracts listeners with all types of musical tastes.  Whether it’s dance, trance, jazz-funk, progressive rock, or metal, Squeaky Feet delivers something for everyone. The band specializes in cerebral and stimulating compositions, accompanied by relentlessly intoxicating grooves.


Squeaky Feet was conceived within the walls of Berklee College of Music. Its members relocated to Denver in 2018, and their hunger for greatness manifested into what the band is today. Comprised of Colin Shore (guitar/vocals), Greg King (guitar), Jimmy Finnegan (bass/vocals), Brian Keller (keyboards/sax/flute/vocals), and Kevin D’Angelo (drums), Squeaky Feet is poised for success.


Since the beginning, things have happened fast for Squeaky Feet. In 2022 alone, the band has shared the stage with acts such as Dopapod, Aqueous, Neighbor, and Spafford. During this time, they’ve also completed three national tours.


The next chapter for Squeaky Feet is an exciting one. They’re finishing the year by heading into the studio to record their first album. Keep your eyes peeled and follow them on all their musical expeditions.

Chalk Dinosaur:

Chalk Dinosaur (Pittsburgh, PA) features a fusion of electronic dance music, funk and psychedelic rock. It has distinctive melodic themes coupled with a heavy rhythm section and augmented with synthesizers and electronic textures. The live shows are characterized by high energy and emotional diversity.


Chalk Dinosaur was founded in 2008 as the artist project of Pittsburgh music producer John O’Hallaron, and is known for it’s colorfully diverse and prolific songwriting. Over the years, Chalk Dinosaur has released 25 albums and EP’s, ranging from indie and surf rock to psychedelic rock, electronic dance music, funk, and jam. Some albums are instrumental and some are vocally centered. Some are solo recording projects, while others are collaborative albums featuring the full band.


Live performances take several forms. Chalk Dinosaur mainly performs as a duo and sometimes as a quartet with each form having a different repertoire. The 4-piece leans more funk and jam, and the duo leans more towards electronic dance. Both incorporate the foundation of funky grooves and distinctive melodies.


Members of the live band include John O’Hallaron (guitar, keys, vocals, electronics), Nick O’Hallaron (drums), Jon Henderson (guitar), and Michael Berger (bass).

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